Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dream Team of Agile Software Development

If you had to put together the best team possible for the most complex project and money is not a concern, who would you have on your team? I can tell you who would be on my "The Dream Team."

Product Owner- Mike Cohen

Scrum Master- Ken Schwaber

The Development Team

Kent Beck
Bob Martin,
Jim Copline,
Martin Fowler,
Alistair Cockburn,
Ward Cunningham,
Jeff Sutherland,
Ron Jeffries, and
Jim Highsmith

I am making an assumption that they all still write software and will be able to work with each other...:-) Now the questions are-

  • Is this team going to be the most hyper-productive team ever in the history of software industry?
  • Are they going to follow Scrum? Or, are they going to come up with something new? Should we call that "Scrum But?"
Just wondering. Unfortunately, the reality is much more constrained. We need to work with a team that we can reasonably put together. The reasonable expectation is to have individuals who are average. I always wonder why people are so obsessed with hiring the best/brightest from Standford or MIT. I guess I do not fall in that category (and hence the grape is sour!)...:-) However, I sure can bet my money on my team that it can go head-to-head with any dream team in the world. I am sure so is yours.

The focus should be "The Team," not the individual. Do me a favor, when you look for a new team member, mention in your Ad- "Looking for the best team member."

What do you think? Who would be on your dream team?


  1. Syed,
    Can you add one/two testers in your dream team? It needs to be cross functional!
    I would make a team with a mix of experienced and young ones. That gives the team a right balance, be in for money or for the "team".

  2. Sohan,
    I am also making an assumption that these guys are willing to ware multiple hats. Who could be a better tester than Kent Beck, the father of TDD...:-)

    Hopefully they will rotate the responsibility of QA among them from sprint to sprint. I'll let Ken to manage that!

  3. hi,
    why don't you add some one like me who wants to learn from them to become better than them ;)

    best wishes,